At Sherwood Forest our main goal is to accompany you and your guest's. Please review our policies below and contact us with any questions.

Did you know that in 1956 Sherwood Forest was a gathering place with a pavilion and picnic tables……..and that ELVIS was scheduled to play here?!  That’s right, Elvis Presley!  The township decided he was too risqué and cancelled the show, if only they knew………..

Ray Cabela owned the boat house on Canal Rd and he bought the property here.  At the time it was a forest with the pavilion and picnic tables.  He built the Sherwood Forest Party Center in 1976 and his name is forever on the stone by the entrance.  This place was hoppin’ all the time, booked every weekend. Everybody knows somebody who celebrated their wedding here.   Ray sold the party center to the Ladd family who kept is going until Ladd retired.

Unfortunately the party was left empty and unattended for 6 years and that’s when we came along.  Jimmy & Patty D’Angelo bought the party center in November 2016 and kept the name everyone knows and re-opened The Sherwood Forest Event Center in July 2018 after 2 years of repairs & remodeling. We are a family owned and operated business, you will see us at every event.  Jimmy and his brothers Paul & Sam have been in the restaurant business for over 29 years running successful restaurants, Casa D’Angelo’s in Macedonia and D’Angelo’s in Twinsburg. It was a natural progression to open an event center. The restaurants are amazing venues for smaller parties up to 50 people but with the event center we can easily host 400 guests in the Ballroom and 100 guests in the Chapel. We have an extensive menu including our Italian classics (Grandma D’Angelo’s recipes from Sicily), fresh chicken, pork and beef options, vegetarian and vegan selections & several side choices– check out the menu link!

Here at The Sherwood Forest Event Center we treat you like family.  This is “The New Best Place” for Weddings, Bands, Reunions, Showers, and MORE!

Stop by and check us out,

Jimmy & Patty D’Angelo